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What our clients say:

From Terry W.:

Thank you for your help and input regarding our patio. We appreciated your thoughts and time spent here.

Steve actually discovered the source of our water problem. He called in Jay and Tim (Jay Moore Landscaping) and the correct decisions were made. It’s great you have such a great working relationship. It definitely worked to our benefit. We never expected that pipe had anything to do with all the water. We are confident we’ll have a drier area and no more muddy, soggy mess!

We’re very pleased and happy with the finished project. Thanks again to your husband, Steve and his crew. They did a great job with minimal mess.

From Nancy Kelly:

Moore’s Concrete Inc. is an excellent company to replace your driveway, I would recommend them to anyone! Barbara and Steve Moore are professional, kind and know their business. Our neighbor had used their services and, seeing what a great job they had done on theirs, we decided to use them, too. They were quick to get an estimate to us. They started the work on the day they promised. Steve Moore and his crew worked diligently to get the work done in two days. The crew worked together so smoothly, each one knowing his job and attending to it. When they had finished and cleaned up, we were completely satisfied. Our driveway is wonderful and all the neighbors are jealous!

From Mary & Dan G.:

Thanks so much for your great work. We love our patio!

From Scott B.:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

While removing my neighbors’ (Steve Grasz) driveway this morning, your crew really impressed me.

All of the tree debris from the recent storm suddenly disappeared. This is quite significant to me. While it might have been a quick afterthought to throw some branches up on a load of departing concrete, someone saved me a tremendous amount of time and work.

It took me about six hours to clear all of that debris from my yard and pile it in my driveway. Some of those limbs were so large I could only drag them. Several were much larger than a pickup bed, so I was anticipating an hour or two of chainsaw work in order to cut them into “bite-size” pieces that I could actually haul away. I was guessing there to be about six pickup loads. I suppose it would be a little of an hour for me to load the truck, drive and dump it all, and start again. I believe you saved me about 8 to 10 hours of hard labor. With 4 kids under 5 years old, that is a pretty significant chunk of time to me.

Now how about the hard labor part? A rare form of muscular dystrophy limits the strength of my hips and shoulders and limits my endurance. Moving brush is a challenge for me, and I can only do it for a couple hours at a time. The time it takes me to recover limits my ability the rest of the day (sometimes longer). My arms are so shot, I can’t even pick up the aforementioned babies and toddlers.

I really appreciate what your guys did for me this morning. I almost wish my driveway wasn’t recently repaired so I could give you some business.

Our customers speak for us!

Moore's Concrete Construction, Inc. is an excellent company to replace your driveway, I would recommend them to anyone! Barbara and Steve Moore are professional, kind and know their business.
Nancy Kelly


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